Bamboo Socks For Kids With Smooth Toe Seams


We know how important it can be to find seamless socks for kids. So we’re delighted to stock these mid-weight SockShop bamboo socks.

Kind to skin, they have cushioning throughout, non-binding comfort cuffs that hold the legs without tightness and smooth toe seams – perfect for children with heightened sensitivity, as well as protecting against rubbing, irritation and blisters.

Breathable bamboo is an eco-friendly choice, as well as one of the gentlest for all skin types to wear. It manages both temperature and bacterial build-up so helps to keep skin fresh, dry and cool during the day.

These sensory-friendly socks are the perfect match with our footwear.

85% Viscose from Bamboo 12% Polyester 3% Elastane
1 pair pack
Smooth toe seams
Comfort cuffs
Fully terry cushioned; soft and breathable; Kind to sensitive skins; Thermoregulating; Highly moisture-absorbing
Machine washable at 40°