Adaptive Footwear FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sizing FAQs

How do I know what size to buy?

Go to our size guide – we’ve got all you need to find the perfect size there. If you’ve still got any questions, email us on

Please remember that the listed length is the insole length and you will require a little extra space approx 0.5 -1cm at the end of the insole as you don’t want your toes up against the end of the shoe.  For example a foot length on 24cm you would want an insole length of 24.5-25cm to allow a little room.  

We offer exchanges and refunds on shoes that don’t fit.

Do you stock shoes for adults and children?

Yes, we make and stock shoes from a UK size K10 to a K5 in the Childrens designs, a size 3-8 in women and a size 7-13 in the mens styles.

Do you sell split size shoes?

We know that some of you are buying shoes for different size feet. If you are just one size different what works well for people is removing the insole from the larger foot, flipping it over and putting it under the insole of the smaller shoe. If you’re looking for more than a size different, please get in touch on and we can see if we can help you.

How wide are Friendly Shoes?

Our shoes all measure an E fitting, so are comfortable for people with wide and moderately swollen feet.

Do you make shoes for toddlers?

We currently start our kids sizes at a UK K10, but we may in the future make smaller sizes for toddlers.

AFO and Orthotic FAQs

Do your shoes fit AFOs?

Yes, that’s the beauty of our shoes – they are able to accommodate most AFO’s. It is really important when fitting your shoes when wearing an AFO to follow these steps:

  1. Unlace/loosen the laces right the way to the bottom and pull the across in the voyage styles and forwards in the excursion styles.
  2. Remove the insole to allow extra room for the AFO.
  3. Unzip all the way down.
  4. Some people find it easier to put the AFO in the shoe first and then slide their foot into the shoe using it almost like a shoe horn, you can do this with the voyage styles.  Otherwise apply the splint to you foot and then go toe first into the shoe.
  5. Zip up and adjust the laces to get the tension right for you.
  6. Now your shoe is fitted to you and your AFO you can just use the zip going forwards.

What are the types of AFO’s that don’t fit?

Extremely wide or AFO’s that have been highly customised with large wedges at the heel are unlikely to fit.  If you are unsure send us a photo to and we will do our best to advise you.

Do you recommend specific styles for AFOs?

All our shoes are designed to accommodate orthotics, splints and AFOs. Depending on how wide the splint is, it may be that you could benefit more from a side zip which opens the shoe up essentially down the side so the foot can easily go in. However, lots of people who wear AFOs get on well with our discreet back zip style.  

Are your shoes suitable to wear with orthotics?

Yes simply remove our insole and replace it with your custom orthotic.

Footwear FAQs

What material are your shoes made from?

All our shoes have a phylon outer sole and a flyknit upper, with a soft lycra coating inside. Our Friendly Force styles are edged in neoprene, and the Excursion and Voyage / Adventure styles also feature polyurethane suede. All our shoes also have removable memory foam insoles.

What happens if the zip breaks?

Our zips are YKK, trusted worldwide for their production standards and quality control. If your zip for some reason does break however, please let us know by emailing photos to

Are Friendly Shoes suitable for people with prosthetics?

Yes! Shoe donning and doffing with prosthetics – both bi and unilateral – can be cumbersome and the very functionality of Friendly Shoes, being easy to get on and off helps with this, especially if the person has additional challenges like hand dexterity, decreased sensation, sitting balance etc. The fact they’re lightweight also helps to conserve energy during the daily routine.

Friction prevention can be important too with prosthetics. Our smooth linings and being able to set but not rely on the lace tension helps with this. The padded heel collars offer ankle support for balance impairment and ankle related problems.

Are your shoes suitable for people with sensory issues?

We want our shoes to be accessible to as many people as possible. The stitching inside the shoe is smooth and the inside labels don’t stick out at all. We’re trialling stamping our labels on instead in our new kids collection and depending on feedback may use this process instead moving forwards.

Are the shoes waterproof?

Like most trainers, our shoes are water resistant vs waterproof. They have phylon soles which have passed anti-slip testing.

Are your shoes suitable for diabetics?

Our shoes feature:
– Smooth inner linings that reduce skin friction and the (removable) memory foam insole allows for even pressure distribution;
– Adjustability (laces + relaxing zipper) to accommodate swelling. This allows you to maintain proper fit/fixation, also reducing skin friction;
– Ease of access + adjustability is helpful alternative for individuals who may be utilizing oversized shoes (which provide poor fixation, increased friction).

Can I wear a heel raise in a pair of Friendly Shoes?

Yes you can! Our memory foam insole is removable so the raise can be placed underneath (or if you need more space, you don’t need to replace the insole). If you have questions about the specific depth of your heel raise working, please email us on The shoes accommodate a raise of approx 3cm comfortably.

Which style gives the most ankle support?

The shoe that would give the most support from heel to heel collar is our mid-top Excursion. In terms of toe box, it’s an E fitting and is deeper than the average shoe. You can also remove the insole for extra space inside if needed. Plus, set the tension with the laces.

Do you have a shop where I can try Friendly Shoes on?

We’re currently online, but we do sometimes run pop-ups which we talk about on our Instagram – give us a follow or sign up to our mailing list to find out more! We’re also looking for retailers across the UK so if you think Friendly Shoes could be suitable for your shop, please get in touch on

What’s so ‘friendly’ about your shoes?

We make adaptive footwear that’s easy to put on and off, wide-fitting and looks great too! Created by our occupational therapist Joseph, our shoes are suitable for so many people. Their USP is what we like to call Easy Shoe Access – we use deep side and rear zips to open the shoe up so anyone can easily slide their foot in and out. In addition, Friendly Shoes are lightweight, wide fitting and have a memory foam insole that’s removable if you need more space or to fit your own custom orthotic.

What shoe styles do you have?

We currently have three styles of adaptive shoes for both adults and children:
– Excursion: For both adults and kids, our Excursion features a discreet back zip that snakes around the heel of the shoe. It is our highest shoe, providing the most ankle stability and it also features laces – tie them once and then just use the zip!
– Friendly Force: The Force (for adults and kids) has a side zip and no laces. It’s our roomiest style and comes in a number of eye-catching colours.Voyage / Adventure: Another side zip style, this time with laces too for extra tension.
– The Voyage: this is our adult shoe with a side zip and laces, the Adventure is what we call the kids style.

What are adaptive shoes?

Adaptive shoes are shoes that have been adapted to make them accessible to as many people as possible no matter their disability. Our shoes were design and created by an Occupational Therapist with this in mind. In our case the shoes are make to accommodate AFO’s, are easy to get on and off for those who struggle with standard lace up shoes, they are lightweight and anti slip to name a few of there adaptations.

Payment FAQs

Are your shoes eligible for VAT exemption?

Yes they are. If you or the person you’re buying for is eligible, tick the box at check out and fill in the relevant details there.

What currencies do you accept?

All payments are made in GBP (£).

What payment methods can I use?

We accept Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express securely via our website.

How will I know my order has been submitted successfully?

You will receive a confirmation email from Friendly Shoes once your order has been placed, and a dispatch email once your order has left the warehouse. Please check your Junk folder if you haven’t received them!

When will payment be deducted from my bank account?

Payment will be debited from your account once your order has been processed.

Delivery & Returns FAQs

Do you ship to Europe?

We make individual deliveries to Europe. Get in touch on to find out more.

Do you ship to the USA?

We don’t but go to and order from there!

Do I have to pay for delivery?

Yes, our standard delivery charge for shoes is £5.79 + VAT if applicable for Royal Mail Tracked in the UK, £16 Royal Mail Tracked for Europe. If you just order socks, the delivery charge in the UK is £3.10 + VAT.

How long will I have to wait for my delivery?

In the UK, your delivery will be with you within 7 days of placing the order (and usually much faster!).

How do I return my order?

Just get in touch with us on and we’ll get back to you with the return address. Please note that return postage is not included within the price. 

How long will I have to wait for a refund?

Refunds are processed via the original payment method within seven business days of receipt. Funds may take a further five business days to appear in your account.

Can I exchange for another size?

Yes we can send out an exchange for no extra cost as soon as we have received your return as long as they are unworn.