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Black School Shoes For Orthotics

Banner showing both sides of AFO-friendly school shoe and its features

Looking for wide fit school shoes that accommodate AFOs and are easy to do up? Then look no further – introducing the Excursion All Black! This style of black school shoes for orthotics “make life easier” according to one mum (you can watch her review below!) and are the adaptive shoes answer to your prayers!

They are available to pre-order now, we will send your orders out in August before the new term starts.

Why Are These The Best AFO Shoes?

As mums ourselves, we know that finding the right footwear for your kids can be difficult. They want cool trainers, but your search criteria is a little more complex – you want AFO friendly shoes, they need to be black shoes for school, have smooth linings and be easy to put on.

That’s exactly why we have designed, and why you need, the Excursion All Black. These orthotic friendly school shoes are set to be the teacher’s pet this school year. Why do we score them 100%?

Watch a mum’s honest review of our Excursion adaptive shoe:

A mum’s honest review of her son’s orthotic friendly shoes.

Shoes With Removable Insoles

All our adaptive shoes have cushioned memory foam insoles. If your child wears their own custom orthotic, simply slide the insole out for more space in the shoe overall.

Shoes That Fit Over AFOs

The Excursion All Black is a zipper shoe. Open the wide back zip up, and slide the foot and AFO in. This style does have laces but they’re essentially laceless shoes. By that we mean, you set the lace tension on the first wear, and then just use the zip for easy on and off.

Not sure what size to buy? Read our helpful size guide here.

Lightweight School Shoes

Friendly Shoes don’t weigh the foot down. One size K1 Excursion All Black weighs just 250g.

School socks for AFOs
We stock seamless AFO socks in black, white, navy and grey.

Shoes For Children With Wide Feet

We know that finding wide shoes for kids isn’t always easy. That’s where our Excursion comes in. It’s described as “lovely and deep on the toe so there’s no crushed toes and they’re also really wide” by our mum in her review – which means they can get the AFO in and don’t need to upsize.

Deep Fitting Shoes

If your child needs a wedge or a heel, this extra depth will help. The Excursion can fit a heel (either under the insole or remove it) up to approx. 2.5cm.


Starting a new school term can be a stress in itself, without having to worry about school shoes.  We’re here to help, with our black school shoes for orthotics. The Excursion All Black is available for pre-order now, and we will send them out in August.  

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