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Where To Find The Best Socks For AFOs

You’ve finally got your orthotic, and now you need to find socks to wear underneath them. So what exactly should you be looking for when buying socks for AFOs? We spoke with orthotists and our customers to find out what they want from their socks, and have all the answers here for you. Or head straight over to our shop to buy AFO socks for adults and kids.

AFO Socks

Finding socks to wear with AFO braces is so important. The right pair will provide that all important protective layer between splint and skin to prevent rubbing, stop sticking and wick away sweat.

Knee High Bamboo Socks

You need your socks to run the full length of the AFO which is why we love knee high socks. Our bamboo knee high socks for both kids and adults have a soft grip at the top (enough so they don’t fall down, not too much that they pinch the skin) and are oh so soft on the skin.

Why exactly are bamboo socks good for your feet? Well aside from being silly smooth, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial which helps to reduce fungal formation and bad smelling feet. This natural fibre is gentle to skin, is breathable, absorbs moisture and has natural thermal regulation. Wave goodbye to sweaty feet!

Socks Without Toe Seams

Our socks are practically seamless too – there is no uncomfortable bumpy toe seam on our bamboo socks for kids or adults. This is great for anyone with heightened sensitivity. It’s all because the seams at the toe are joined by just one single thread so they are less likely to irritate.

AFO Socks For Adults

Our AFO socks for adults are available in a size 4-8. The two pack, with two colours (navy and periwinkle blue) are the perfect layer to wear under your splints.

AFO Socks For Kids

Looking for knee high socks for kids? We’ve got you covered with our bamboo pair. Smooth toe seams mean they don’t rub and the comfort cuff ensures they stay up. Available in black and in two sizes – 9-12 and 12.5-3.5.

Adaptive Shoes For AFOs

Our socks are the perfect match to our Friendly Shoes. We make shoes for AFOs for adults and kids. They come in a range of styles and colours and run from a child’s size 10 all the way up to a men’s 13. Read this article to find out why our shoes help CP warrior Sofia (@supersofiasstory) to run the fastest she’s ever run.

Why Are These The Best Shoes For AFOs?

So many reasons!

  1. All our insoles come out for that extra depth needed when fitting an AFO too.
  2. Our shoes have wide zip entry – either all the way down the side or round the back, meaning it’s so much easier to get them on and off.
  3. They’re padded, cushioned and supportive (especially our Excursion which is our highest and deepest shoe).
  4. Some of our shoes have laces, so you can set the tension that’s right for you on the first wear. And then just forget about tying the laces.
  5. They’re as smooth seamed as possible.

Our Excursion for Women in Cafe Au Lait (sizes 3-8). Easy-on thanks to the wide back zip. Our widest and deepest shoe.

Make waves with the Quest Mermaid. This kids’ shoe has a wide side zip – open it up and slip it on! Sizes K10-K5.

Our best-selling Voyage style in Navy. Open the side zip, tie the laces on first wear and you’re ready to go! Sizes 6-12.

If you want to find out the best size for you, check out our size guide, or just get in touch on