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The Best Slippers With Removable Insoles

You’ve got comfortable outdoor shoes that you can wear your orthotics with, but when it comes to indoor shoes it’s much harder to find supportive slippers with removable insoles. Well this isn’t the case anymore – we’ve found the best supportive slippers that can actually fit your orthotics. Happy feet indeed! 

Supportive Slippers

If you’re a fan of slippers, you likely wear them for hours at a time. So it’s vital that they treat your feet with respect. “Far too many slippers and house shoes on the market are heavy and backless. This means the feet aren’t properly supported and this choice of footwear is a large risk factor for falls at home” says physiotherapist Nancy Farmer. They’re also often shallow, don’t offer the required level of support and there’s no space for orthotics. 

There’s now no reason not to wear your orthotic in your slippers as we’ve found the shoe you’ve been searching for!

The easy-on Force shoe by Friendly Shoes is a super lightweight, comfortable house shoe that is durable enough to also be worn outside – so you can pop into the garden, or to the shops and not have to change shoes.

It runs in a size 3 to 13, in a variety of colours.

The roomy shoe is made from layers of flexible flyknit, with a smooth neoprene cuff around the ankle collar and lined in lycra. What really sets this shoe apart from its competitors is a deep side zip, from toe box to ankle. This opens up the whole shoe, so the foot (and orthotic) can easily be placed in. No more cramped toes trying to push them into the shoe.

The Force has a zip that runs from toe to ankle, opening up wide so you can easily place the foot and orthotic in.

Hey presto, it’s that easy!

Of course, we promised you slippers with removable insoles and the Force ticks that box too. There’s a smooth memory foam insole that can easily be taken out and replaced with your own orthotic (or just left out if you need extra depth in the slipper).

The shoe has wide, anti-slip soles helping you feel secure in and out of the house.

The Force is also eligible for VAT exemption. If you can claim VAT exemption then just tick the box at checkout, fill out your details and the 20% tax will be automatically deducted.

The Force is the perfect slipper choice for someone who:

  • Spends the majority of their time indoors but still needs to wear their orthotic for comfort
  • Has limited mobility and wants a shoe that will is suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor such as going into the garden, or when transferring into the car
  • Isn’t used to wearing shoes (maybe after a long hospital stay), has become more sedentary and needs footwear for rehab 

Best House Slippers For Diabetics

Looking for diabetic friendly slippers? The Force is for you! There’s soft seams, a stamped tongue label and the ankle collar is expandable with elastic at the top. Plus, if the feet swell then the insole can be removed. 

How To Clean Slippers

We can spend a lot of time wearing our slippers so of course you may want to give them a freshen up sometimes! You can spot wash any marks on the Force, or even wash it by hand, in soap and water. Stuff them with newspaper to keep the shape and put them somewhere warm, like an airing cupboard or in front of the radiator to dry. 

In Conclusion

It’s so important to wear your orthotics if you need them – yes, even when you’re at home wearing slippers. We know that finding supportive slippers with removable insoles can seem like finding a needle in a haystack but we’re happy to report that we’ve found one! The Force from Friendly Shoes is the perfect hybrid indoor / outdoor shoe that has removable memory foam insoles to make space for your orthotic.