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Finding Shoes For MS

Jane Felstead who is living with MS raves about Friendly Shoes

When you’ve got MS, searching for the right footwear (fits, easy-on, stylish) can feel like a needle in a haystack. So when we heard that Jane Felstead (yes, @Mummy Felstead from Made in Chelsea) who lives with MS was raving about Friendly Shoes, we knew we had to find out more! Have a read to find out why she thinks these are the best shoes for multiple sclerosis and have “changed my life!”.

Lightweight Shoes

If you’re new to Friendly Shoes, welcome, and prepare to be amazed by just how little they weigh, whilst still giving robust support to help you maintain your balance and gait. Ideal for anyone who is experiencing foot drop or weakness in their legs, an average pair of our adult shoes (men and women) weighs under 500g so they won’t be adding unnecessary weight.

Jane’s first pair was the Voyage in White (and she loved them so much she bought the Black 24 hours later!).

We really believe that finding footwear shouldn’t be so difficult. Friendly Shoes provide the all important function, whilst also delivering on fit and style too. Take your pick from a number of styles, starting from an adult size 3 to a 13.

Both sides of the navy Voyage shoe for, set against a pale blue background

Our Voyage shoe in Navy with the side zip.
In sizes 6-13.

Friendly Shoes concrete jungle set against blue background

We love our Voyage in Concrete Jungle, the perfect casual shoe. Sizes 3-8.

Getting Your Feet Into Shoes

Jane fell for Friendly Shoes when she saw how easy they are to get on and off – no more wasting money on shoes that you just can’t your feet into. All Friendly Shoes have a wide and unique zip opening so the shoe essentially opens up, giving you a larger space to get your foot into.

The zip has a good sized ring pull that has been designed for you to loop your finger (or something else) through and pull it open and shut.

Most of our shoe styles have laces. What that means is you lace them and set the tension on the first wear, and then just rely on the zip to get them on and off – whilst still keeping that all-important tension and helping feet to feel secure in the shoes.

Both sides of a pair of cafe au lait coloured shoes against a dusky pink background

Our Excursion with the back zip. This women’s style is available in sizes 3-8.

Both sides of the Tenease trainer from Friendly Shoes

The Tenease is our new sneaker style. Available in black too, sizes 7-12.

Shoes With Removable Insoles

Maybe you wear custom orthotics or are looking for shoes for AFOs. All Friendly Shoes have removable insoles which, together with the wider opening portal create more space for the orthotic. Take the insole out and a wedge of up to 3cm can fit in the shoe.

One Friendly Shoe with the insole taken out and held next to it

Shoes With Rocker Soles

A rocker bottom sole can help aid propulsion, and all Friendly Shoes have this. This sole can assist with forward movement and save energy making it a winner.

Slippers That Actually Support!

It’s not just shoes, slippers can be so hard to find too. Our Force shoe doubles as a fantastic house slipper (that is also durable enough to be worn outside), Super light, and constructed from layers of breathable fly knit, it has a back (no more backless slippers!) and space for your orthotic.

Like all our shoes, the tongue label is also stamped and the shoes are as seam free as possible for people with hyper sensitivity.

In Summary

Mummy Felstead from Made In Chelsea loves our shoes and we want to shout it from the rooftops! Jane is living with MS and understands only too well the struggle to find footwear that she can put on, fits well and that she’s also proud to wear. Friendly Shoes ticks all the boxes for her.