Seamless Socks For Women


You’ll feel the difference with these Gentle Bamboo Socks from SockShop. They have:

  • Smooth toe seams that won’t rub feet. They have been joined by a single thread, causing them to feel practically seamless. This results in a less bulky toe which feels smoother and is less likely to cause abrasion or irritation.
  • Comfort cuffs which hold without constricting your legs. They feature a softer top which grips the leg more gently – enough to keep the sock up but not so much that it digs into the leg, cuts off circulation or leaves any uncomfortable marks.

This triple pack of socks is produced using a bamboo rich blend to make a fine 200-needle yarn that is non-irritating and very soft, with a silky feel. It’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so feet are fresher for longer, and not threatened by fungal growth. Bamboo has superb thermal management properties and three times the absorbency of cotton too, so the foot environment is optimised for skin health.

62% Viscose from Bamboo 29% Polyester 7% Polyamide 2% Elastane

  • 3 pair pack
  • Smooth toe seams
  • Comfort cuffs
  • Naturally antibacterial, kind to every skin type, moisture handling, heat regulating
  • Machine washable at 40°
  • Thickness: Fine