Knee High Bamboo Socks With Smooth Toe Seams


Perfect for wearing with AFOs, these bamboo knee highs for women from SockShop feel practically seamless – the seams at the toe are joined by a single thread so they are less likely to cause abrasion or irritation. This two pack is the ideal match for our Friendly Shoes!

The silky-feel bamboo blend fabric has antibacterial properties able to resist odours and fungal formation, made with rounded fibres, and is non-irritating and gentle to every type of skin. Bamboo has natural thermal regulation for warm — but not too warm — legs and feet, excellent moisture absorbency and breathability.

80% Viscose from Bamboo 17% Polyamide 3% Elastane
2 Pair Pack
Smooth toe seams
Naturally antibacterial, kind to every skin type, moisture handling, heat regulating
Machine washable at 40°
Thickness: Regular